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Ever and Always

Immortality and the Apocalypse

Rick King, a Viet Nam veteran is lost in the final stages of Alzheimers in a moderate long term care home, when something strange happens. He awakens in a long-term care facility for the indigent. As Rick regains his strength and fights for his stolen life and wealth, elegant Marsha Wren in the exact same situation, joins Rick as they struggle to get their lives back, while they avoid the danger of ending up in a government laboratory.

While regaining their strength and independence they are also growing younger in health and appearance. They have no idea how young they will end up or how long they will live, are they immortal?

One thing they know is that if they live long enough the world and the United States will change. How or when they have no way of knowing, just that change will occur. They position themselves as best as they can, fighting a survivalist group, when as predicted the apocalypse occurs. They will live, but can civilization survive?

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